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Established in 1997, our dedicated team at Construction Technology & Management, Inc. (CTM) provides superior quality construction that meets the challenges of our clients' needs in a safe and timely manner. Recent contracts include local, state and federal government. We also work with private, residential, commercial, and tribal contracts.

Our proven track record of planning and building offers clients unsurpassed personalized service and distinctive solutions for each project. We deliver full value for every dollar invested.

We value ethics. We Value Quality. We value the client.

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Our company philosophy is to offer personalized services and distinctive solutions for each project, giving our clients full value for each dollar invested. Our goal is to produce functional and attractive projects at a minimum cost, based on required standards of performance. Close personal attention is paid to each project from start to finish and each project ends with a better client relationship. CTM takes the time to develop long-term client relationships.

At CTM, each project is performed to suit the needs of our clients. The most cost-effective materials, schedules and trade work are utilized. Throughout the years, our growth has been steady as we have maintained our commitment to quality and our clients. We responded to the changing world with flexibility and versatility in our methods of construction aided by in-house computer systems. Our construction team meets challenges with prompt, comprehensive and competent services. We value quality. We value the client.



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Head Office

6011 San Fransisco Rd NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Tel: 505.890.0262

Fax: 505.792.2073


Our company creates a unique opportunity for our employees to gain skills and knowledge that will help them excel in their careers. Many of our workers go on to become contractors or skilled tradesmen. We also offer benefits and a retirement program.

To apply for a job with CTM, please send your resume to:

Get a quote: 505-890-0262

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